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We at our parent company, F.A.M.E. LLC, have created an innovative an incredible bundle of services and resources to help, support and inspire your filmmaking goals. From top to bottom we provide the guidance, resources and tools required to give you the best shot at achieving your mission.


Filmmaking is a daunting journey for even the most seasoned veteran. For a novice filmmaker or screenwriter it is exponentially more challenging. You have no idea what you're getting into. However,... if you have the passion, the drive, and the hustle, ...anything is possible. We're here to help.

Below is a list of items you will receive with your bFAME.us Ticket. If it looks like we're trying to make money, you're right! It's called show "business". And we want you to make money too! So much money, that you can turn this into a career, if you so desire, or simply wish to gain legitimate notoriety and perpetually fund your next projects. And btw, it's a great excuse to tour the United States and even the world, making new friends, and reuniting with old ones. It's an adventure. How incredible is that?

Are you ready? Here is what we offer:

-Promote your film or script being showcased at the various host cities.

-Opportunity for multiple awards.

-Travel to popular film-centric & destination cities.

*Make no mistake. We are not a laurel factory. Strict guidelines are given to our

  judges, as to determining the content accepted into our festivals.



2021 is a BIG year for FAME with our GO Independent International Film Festival - Washington, D.C. and Hollywood (The Southern California International Film Festival) coming out of hiatus, to be joined by our 3 new festivals! -The Dallas International Cinema Awards, The Atlanta International Cinefest, and The Miami International Cinefest!!!


All festival screenings in 2021 are planned to be both virtual and live (available at www.FAMEfilmWAY.com) with the awards ceremony held in the host city. At least three months prior to the scheduled awards date, a decision will be made on whether the event will be with or without a live audience. Local laws, venue policy and safety will drive the determination, as well as common sense viability.

Submissions are now open, and by offering a series of sister festivals we are offering a unique set of benefits allowing you to venture across the country, as you share your work, and network at extremely film-centric, destination cities. And by 2022 you can share your projects, while you travel the world!

The Benefits

  • Get into one, get into ALL! If your work is accepted into just one GO Festival, it is automatically guaranteed acceptance into all the GO Film Festivals with submission. It will then, be eligible for award nominations in all of them.

  • Notification in 2 Weeks! That’s right. Two weeks after submitting your work, we will notify you of your acceptance status.

  • All GO Indie Submission Fees Included.

  • A GUARANTEED, non-exclusive distribution deal with our streaming service, bFAME.us. Monetize your work! For filmmakers we offer a 50-50 split in revenue, after set up and maintenance costs with our platform provider Elevent Solutions.

  • One (1) Pass to F.A.M.E. events, including The NOVA Fest screenings and CAPITAL Film Market (including panels & seminars).

  • Submission Fee Waiver to The Northern Virginia Film & Music Festival, our flag ship film festival.

  • Two (2) Tickets/Passes to All GO Indie Awards Series Ceremonies.

  • Referral List of Graphic Designers, Photographers, Copy Writers and Marketing Agents, specializing in the independent film industry.

  • 20% Off all F.A.M.E. merchandise

  • One FREE T-Shirt


In June 2022 we will be going to the birth place of theater, Crete, Greece! Imagine your film being celebrated in Greece. And then, we truly go international by circling the globe with festivals in Toronto, Ibiza, Sydney and Tokyo!


The complete cost for receiving all the benefits of this package is $650/project.

$250 for each additional project (with 'first' acceptance).

The bFAME.us TICKET is available to order, beginning January 2021.

If you have any questions, please Contact Us.

Thank you and we hope you can take advantage of this very special plan that we have very much enjoyed creating for you. It is our sincere mission to give flight to your passion and provide a path to a journey of a lifetime.

*Prices subject to change.