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2023 GO Indie trophies

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Congratulations on being accepted into our family of GO Indie Film Festivals! Now it's time to take pride, show off, and own an heirloom to last for generations! Please order the trophy or trophies for which you and/or your team are eligible for below. 

  • All information (shipping address, engraving, etc.) is confirmed by Purchaser, Organizer and Vendor before production via email.

  • Each engraving is according to the information provided in the submission. NO customization.

  • Limit One (1) title per trophy. Duplicate Trophies Allowed.

  • Please note that the purchaser is responsible for any local shipping costs beyond the stated flat S&H rate.

  • Confirmation of Engraved Information and Shipping Address information will be confirmed via email, before production and fulfillment is complete.


Southern California International Film Festival Trophy
Artist Circle 
• Official Selection • Award Nominated • Award WINNER

Continental US Shipping
1 2023 AC SoCAL Trophy small.jpg
Continental US Shipping
3 2023 Nom SoCAL Trophy small.jpg
Foreign / Non-US Shipping
2 2023 OS SoCAL Trophy small.jpg
Foreign / Non-US Shipping
4 2023 WIN SoCAL Trophy small.jpg

This elegant ¾” X 8” acrylic award features a large bevel, golden wave along its edge. The spacious, engraved area has a black finish with frosted white text, laser etched with the recipient’s information and achievement. Included is a velvet, gift drawstring, presentation bag.

Any Award Winner, Award Nominated, Official Selection, or Artist Circle recipient is eligible to order a trophy.

  • Limit One (1) submission TITLE per trophy

  • Duplicate Trophies Allowed

  • Email Confirmation of Trophy Information & Shipping Address to follow order


Flat Rate Shipping:

Continental US: $25.50

Foreign and Non-continental US: $67.85

Deadline to order: July 17, 2023

Estimated shipping: August 07, 2023

Please note that purchaser is responsible for any local shipping costs beyond the stated flat S&H rates. Confirmation of Engraving Information and Shipping Address will be confirmed, before production via email.
Thank you.

Zelle, Venmo, and Paypal Payments Accepted at:

Continental US Shipping
Foreign / Non-US Shipping
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